Greetings from Mount Chinmore

by Chin's Mojo

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released June 19, 2015



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Chin's Mojo Dallas, Texas

Chin's Mojo is a commercially potent mix of anthemic, fist-pounding hard rock driven by sleek hooks and ballads powered by loud guitars, singable melodies, and sweeping orchestration. The album was independently recorded in our own studio and is presented directly by the band to YOU. ... more

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Track Name: Do You Know What Will Happen
Do You Know What Will Happen?
Stealing is wrong, I only do it ‘cause it have to. [And] Lying is bad; they say that people go to hell for that. But, do you know what would happen if I stop? Our Lights disconnected, the water turns off. Your party comes to a halt. Do You know what would happen if I stop? That Corolla goes back with the man… All your rings are going back into pawn. So - Most of the time, I say - it’s because I love you. If I’m Guilty of anything, it’s that I care I too much. Do you know what would happen if I’m caught? You move back with your momma, y’all take my kids, they’ll pro-ba-ly lock me up. Do you know will happen when I’m caught? Do you care what will happen – Do you care what will happen - to meeeeee?
Track Name: Desire
That’s why I beg, And fall to the floor, My blue eyes may not hold out. You don’t want to stay any more. Just one more try, trade you anything you require; If you could find it in your heart to desire me again. Oh ho...You decide, you’re the lucky one. You said, ‘Let me go; There’s nothing more that I want to say, people break up, you know. It happens to somebody everyday.” I said, “Don’t speak for me; I would never agreeeed to give-you-a-way... Ohhhh Not in my love, not in my heart, Not my life, not my thoughts, Not my world, not my head, Not my breakfast, not my bed, Not my words - Not on my life. Not mine."
Track Name: Forget
When you close your eyes can you block out this greed? Are you scared ‘cause you’ll lose what you need? Don’t you think that our next kiss could be someone else’s lips, Don’t you think the stick you get is leaving you short? Think you oughta know the only way you’ll live through this... Forget that you know me, forget what you told me. Don’t listen to your heart; Don’t cry that you’ll be lonely. The longer you stay here; The harder it gets, Dear, to leave. Seems you’re waiting for someone to take you away from here. Someone to make all your pain disappear. Someone to make all your pain disappear.
Track Name: Doesn't Look Good On Me
(It) Doesn't Look Good On Me
It doesn’t look good on me, I stand up straight in what they want me to wear… Pick up a comment card; you swear, I’m the best that you’ve ever had. It does not look Good on me. [I’m] not a prisoner, so what’s with this uniform? Carefully scripted – all for a camera.. I get tired of holding you down. Holding on for too long, while I’m trying to work myself out. So, Goodbye; just released all my misery, things that do not look good on me. It doesn’t look good on me. Nana prays one day I come back to the family. Confess a mistake. Work out an apology, I ain’t gonna be the one. It doesn’t look good. She up wasn’t even there; I stand by my story, but nobody cares. They can Sit, stand, kneel pray; no salvation anywhere. Doesn’t look good Wear your backstage pass and hipster glasses like a superstar. Hold my guitar at the after party, but the band doesn’t need to know who you are. It doesn’t look good… You got started early, too much to drink, what is the hurry? If could you just be the man here, I wouldn’t worry.
Track Name: God's Big Eraser
God's Big Eraser
Isn't it weird? Cause in a hundred years, all of this will be different. Isn't it strange - that the people I see, they will all go away. Running from God's big eraser, I think He's planning to take everything I have. Running from God's big eraser, and I'm only trying to save anything I can. Can you believe, all these things that I bought will be turned into junk? It's much stronger than me, even life is a dream and it's fading away, uncontrollably.
Track Name: Everything That You Want
Everything That You Want
My baby’s looking to fall in love, she doesn’t do it for money anymore. Ala-ka-zam, she can do magic. Make a man disappear, that’s a talent for sure. She blows out my candles, already knows what I want.
Tonight she’s gonna be mine, just as long as her Daddy never finds out. She said, "I'm everything that you want, nothing you don’t need. A part that is Good, A part that is Bad, A part you won’t believe
(it) Might be daytime, Might be night time. But, if right now is a good time,I can give you everything you need.” I am not a rich man, can’t afford a woman like you. Think again if you looking at me, I can’t give you no life filled with luxury, She said I am a working girl, but I want to be with you tonight. Baby, this will be amazin’ – Let me just wipe it down and you can give it a try.
Track Name: The Race
The Race
Hard to believe that the race that we run 500 miles never finished. Hard to believe in a blink of an eye and its already done. (Now, It’s ) Hard to admit that the race is finally lost. Hard to admit how much further it was - and that - This is as far as we got. I feel like in so many ways I wasn’t moving at all. How do I keep on - when I know I cannot win? How do (will) I keep on - when I know I cannot win? Volunteered to be the leader; I can’t keep up. Did I always do my best? Maybe not… {Chorus 2 Rant} It’s hard to admit, It’s hard to believe, But I’m trying to teach myself that I must not hope anymore.
Track Name: Can't Change Some Things
Can't Change Some Things
Troubled times and we didn't know what else to say, Cause the words never came. But words can't change some things. Nowadays all that’s left is to wish or complain. You say you’re caught in the traps that you’ve made, but words can’t change some things. I wanted to believe that what I have is all I need. If I believed in anything, that would be enough. But when the world had finally turned away, I thought of all of the reasons and only the wrong things to say. Words can’t change some things.
Track Name: Dreaming
When I met you in the restaurant, You could tell I was no debutante. You asked me what's my pleasure, A movie or a measure? I'll have a cup of tea and tell you of my dreaming. Dreaming is free. I don't want to live on charity, Pleasure's real or is it fantasy? Reel to reel is living rarity, People stop and stare at me We just walk on by - we just keep on dreaming. Feet feet, walking a two mile, Meet meet, meet me at the turnstile, I never met him, I'll never forget him. Dream dream, even for a little while, Dream dream, filling up an idle hour, Fade away, radiate. I sit by and watch the river flow, I sit by and watch the traffic go. Imagine something of your very own Something you can have and hold - I'd build a road in gold just to have some dreaming.